About Us

Voipedia is known for providing communication services with the best global VoIP and DID services.

Comprehensive Call Center Solutions

Voipedia incorporated in 2020, is a global provider of IP communication, Cellular Industry Facilitation, Network & Wireless Technologies and Call Center Solutions & Technologies.

Along with being best VOIP Provider, Voipedia also provides services like Dedicated Lines, DID & Toll-Free Numbers, Eyebeam Minutes & Web Development.

We Provide A to Z Termination. By “A to Z” we mean (Afghanistan to Zimbabwe) which represents the availability of our services in all the countries, where mobile or landline service is operational.

We proudly provide DID services for 170+ countries. For more details, visit our services page.





Why Choose Us

Voipedia is one of the leading VoIP providers for Call Centers, SIP Trunking, Toll-Free Numbers, and International DID providers all because of the Trust of our clients.

High Quality

We focus on offering high-quality services to create real value for our clients by assuring that they can maximize the profits obtained from the services.

Unmatched Expertise

We understand that your business is more than just numbers, and we have the experience, tools, and techniques to guide you and your company to success.

Precise Result

We are a result oriented company. Instead of just selling our services to clients we also make sure that clients are achieving the targets.

Qualified Staff

With the support of qualified personnel, we provide services at all levels and offer consultancy with a wide range of technical competencies.