Apart from VOIP services, Voipedia also provides services like Dedicated Lines, DID & Toll-Free Numbers to our clients.

Auto Dialer

Our Auto Dialer solution provides one of the best ways to optimize your call center and agent productivity.


A PBX cloud based solution which is heavily rich in features and offers high level customization to our clients.

Toll-free Origination

With open access to the Toll Free National Database, we have taken on board the tier1 carriers.

DID Services

We at Voipedia provides premium quality DID numbers for any country on best rates. 

Toll-free Termination

Our termination service provides with the surety of premium services in terms of voice quality, and reliability.

Wholesale Termination

We offer suite of powerful outbound voice products with which you can explore the world of VoIP termination.

Our Expertise

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01. Blood Bank & Chemistry

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02. Coagulation & Cytology

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03. Hematology & Histology

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